#FrenchLady: Muriel, Mum “à la Française”

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Anne Fontaine Jacket – Size M – £35 a week (retail: £300)


Behind FrenchyYummy Mummy blog is Muriel Demarcus.

After a degree with Centrale Paris, one of the most prestigious engineering schools in France, she made a strategic career  at Alstom. A first shift is her life was to set up her own business: she launched a property business renting warehouses, offices and storage facilities to small and medium-sized companies near St-Tropez. “Renting”, always something she’s been sensitive to..!

But suddenly London appeared on her way. “When my husband got a job in London, I had to choose between getting a new job or getting a new husband. Luckily for him, I decided to go for the first option…” She decided to leave France and that was the right time to make a new major shift in her life. From property estate, she moved to her real passion: writing. Naturally, blogging appeared as her destiny. French Yummy Mummy was born.

Despite living in London is much different from the Parisian-life that Muriel used to have, she managed to keep a attachment to her French lifestyle and mindset.

So what is it Muriel to be French?

 c927a3d465ca1f6578cf7a78a5cbb638What makes Parisian style so special?

I think that we French women don’t overdo it. We keep it simple.

Your style in two sentences?

I am very low maintenance. I like simple, timeless designs-nothing too fancy. I don’t really follow fashion and trends. I like this quote of Coco Chanel:

Look for the woman in the dress. If there is no woman, there is no dress.

 Kenzo Jumpsuit – Size 12 – £34 a week (retail: £340)


What a day in Muriel’s Life?

There is no typical day for me. I train for an ultra marathon, I write, I manage my business, I go out…My days are pretty full-on! I sometimes have to change from being in my running kit to getting ready for the opera or a formal dinner. During the day, I have business meetings or photoshoots. It is fair to say that I am busy all the time. When I am writing, I usually am in comfortable clothes.


Reiss Dress – Size 12 – £35 a week (retail: £225)


Your favourite piece?

My favourite outfit is a Hugo Boss little black dress that I was wearing for a casting and I got the modelling job. I never believed that, at my age, and without being skinny (which I am not (author note: #frenchmodestie)), I could do the occasional photo shoot, but here it is.
This dress reminds me that the sky is the limit!


Hugo Boss Dress – Size 12 – £35 a week (retail: £350)


Clothes are a language. What do they say about you?

My clothes are all about quality over quantity.

I don’t buy a lot, but I try to have good pieces. I don’t like pieces that are too colourful or floral designs.
I think that I am quite classical. That said, I like to jazz things up with a red bag, or great shoes, or a necklace.


Joseph Dress – Size 12 – £68 a week (retail: £680)


Frenchness and British lifestyle, how does that work?

I must admit that I stick to designs and brands I know. I don’t take a lot of risks, and I tend to shop for clothes when in France. I know, I know, it’s pathetic…But I would love to know more British emerging designers! #rentezvous

London vs. Paris: any different attitudes toward fashion and sharing?

In London, they keep talking about French women and our sense of fashion. I keep being asked what our secrets are. The thing is, I am just, well, me. As for sharing, I always end up lending pieces to my friends and they never come back. Some things never change…Hopefully, Rentez-Vous will help me now…!


Hugo Boss Dress – Size 10 – £30 a week (retail: £300)


Why Rentez-Vous?

I would love some of my dresses to have another life with somebody else.

because when I have been photographed with a dress, it is hard to be seen again wearing it.

I know, it’s not a first world problem, but it is actually a real woman issue!

I love also love to have access to a virtual wardrobe and try out new things. It saves me time!


Burberry Dress – Size 10 – £85 a week (retail: £850)

Rent Muriel’s wardrobe in a clic

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