Why A/W 16 Will Make You Move and Groove

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« Originality » and « sartorial freedom » are the two words that can sum up the A/W 16 Trends. For the next season, designers’ first goal is to make us dress in a way which makes us feel good and comfortable. Knowing the … Continued

What your clothes tell about you.

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We all put on clothes everyday, but this habit sometimes makes us forget that clothes are more than just the fabric they are made of.   Our clothes – and this is the amazing thing about them – tell a … Continued

Graduate fashion week 2016 | WE ARE FASHION

WE ARE FASHION | Eccentric looks from the latest generation of emerging talent hit the runways Passion, Devotion and Excitement were tangible at the Graduate Fashion Week which took place last week in Brick Lane. 1,000 fashion students in their final … Continued

The future of Fashion is Technology #FashTech

The Rentez-Vous team was part of the FashTech Summit in London last week, an industry event connecting the fashion and technology community through a series of meet-ups focused on start-up showcases and panel discussions. The place to be for fashion leaders and influencers, with Condé … Continued

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